ffem’s product documentation has always lagged in the development process, a shortcoming we are no longer willing to put up with. Printed manuals packed with kits followed by calls from customers who are lost will not the process we would like.

The Start Page

A benefit of having a very short domain name is that you can read it out on a phone call. Our strategy is to now make the ffem.io/start the page to go to after you have purchased a ffem product. From here you should be able to find information specific to the product you have, or even the specific version.

Parameters and Bundles

By design, the product is very modular in terms of the parameters you want to include in a testing kit. Want Organic Carbon, Arsenic, and say, Copper? No problem, we just pick the reagents and standards off the shelf while the app is the same. We would rather embrace this modularity rather than sell in only certain preconfigurations despite the challenges it brings in terms of documentation. I think it would be impossible to foresee all combinations.

The idea is that you come to the start page, get familiar with the concept of colorimetry and / or titration, find the parameters you have asked for and proceed with calibrating and testing.


The fact of every phone camera percieving colour in different ways has been a key challenge for us. In addition very slight differenced in the composition of the reagents across batches, or even reagent ageing, makes it difficult to preload calibrations. We may have a solution now with a simpler process to make standard solutions and the option for customers to use a minimal calibration as opposed to a full calibration while understanding the trade-off between convenience and accuracy.

Other Formats

The very first format we must next plan for is downloadable pdfs. On the roadmap is to make short videos accompanying the text.


The shop is now live

less than 1 minute read

The ffem shop to purchase water and soil test kits is now live at shop.ffem.io

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New Android App

1 minute read

Launching a new Android App - ffem match, that will replace all other apps.

Redesigning ffem

1 minute read

ffem has changed a lot since its founding. As the organization evolves, it seemed time for a complete redesign of the website.

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