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The ffem shop has been launched for customers in India. The shop will feature our water and soil test kits to begin with, and some related products - water filters for example. There are plans to include test kits and devices of other manufacturers, and sell them with or without our accessories.

Why just in India?

Shipping chemicals across international borders is a very difficult task. The amount of paperwork and costs are too high for small orders. Even within India, these products can only be shipped by road, taking upto 15 to 30 days for delivery.

A growing catalog

Currently there are a few single parameter water test kits - Fluoride, Nitrate, Total Iron, Residual Chlorine, and pH for sale.

There is also a soil test kit for macronutrients - Available Nitrogen, Avaliable Phosphorous, Available Potassium (NPK), Soil pH and Organic Carbon, up for sale.

In the near future we will include multiparameter water test ktis, and the compost test kit from Hasiru Dala.


The shop is now live

less than 1 minute read

The ffem shop to purchase water and soil test kits is now live at shop.ffem.io

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New Android App

1 minute read

Launching a new Android App - ffem match, that will replace all other apps.

Redesigning ffem

1 minute read

ffem has changed a lot since its founding. As the organization evolves, it seemed time for a complete redesign of the website.

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