ffem has changed significanlty since its founding in 2017. I thought it is time to put up our course as public documents.

First let me talk about what has not changed. We continue to remain committed to working on open source hardware and software. We countinue our work on water and soil testing as key environmental elements that affect lives and livelihoods.

What is changing is the exclusive focus on testing products and on making just our products available. We will now also design, make and sell products that offer some environmental remediation. While these products are not out yet, it is something we are working on. We also will no longer sell our products exclusively. There are outher products that make sense for environmental monitoring and remediation created by partner organizations that we will offer for sale as well.

Jekyll, Github Pages, Minimal Mistakes

I wanted to continue using Jekyll and Github Pages. I chose the Minimal Mistakes theme, because it just stays out of the way and lets me go on to do the only two things I should focus on - create posts and pages.

We have been guilty of lagging in documentation in the past. I hope to remedy this by creating more detailed (and versioned) product documentation here.


We support ourselves on revenue from the sale of our products. The shop website will launch soon and is hosted on Wix.


The shop is now live

less than 1 minute read

The ffem shop to purchase water and soil test kits is now live at shop.ffem.io

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New Android App

1 minute read

Launching a new Android App - ffem match, that will replace all other apps.

Redesigning ffem

1 minute read

ffem has changed a lot since its founding. As the organization evolves, it seemed time for a complete redesign of the website.

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