Download the manual as a pdf

Before you start

Make sure you understand the precautions you need to take to use these test kits before you begin to use them.


The tests work only on Android phones with a camera of 8MP and over.


Typically a test kit should comprise

  • Stand
  • Light box
  • Measuring tubes
  • Calibration standards
  • Reagents
  • TDS / EC meter if your order included it

You can download the app from the Google Play Store here: or scan the QR code below.

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Using the kit

The ring light supplied comes with a battery and a USB cable. Ensure the ring light is fully charged before using it. Clip it onto your phone so that the light encircles the camera. Pressing the light switch once turns it on to its lowest brightness, a second press moves it to the next brightness, and the third makes it brightest. A fourth press of the button will turn off the light. Put on the ring light at its brightest.

The place the stand over the cuvette, most tests use the white cuvette. The ring light over the phone should fit into the light stand.


Decide the kind of calibration you need. Fewer calibration points with lower effort, or more calibraiton points with increased accuracy. Minimal and Full Calibration should help you decide and implement this strategy.


Once you have calibrated your phone, choose the parameter you want to test and get started.