ffem match

The official app for ffem’s water and soil tests will be ffem match.

ffem match

The app is available for download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.ffem.match

Or scan the QR Code below.


Doing one thing

ffem match does one thing that is help you conduct colorimetric or titration tests. The focus will remain on providing the most accurate results for these tests. ffem match will leave data collection and other aspects to other apps.

Multiple apps

For various reasons, ffem had released multiple apps to cater to all use cases. We had ffem soil, ffem water, ffem lite, and ffem collect all doing similar things, and leading to confusion among our users. We just delisted all these apps from the play store.

Open Source

At this time, ffem match is an exact fork of ffem lite. ffem lite will continue to remain open source. At any time, you should be able to perform any colorimetric or titration test using ffem lite.

ffem match will use the same core of ffem lite, but will diverge in adding features for usability and very specific tests.

Any changes in the color matching systems or any new class of tests released will be added to ffem lite.

Existing users

If you are an existing user of ffem’s tests and have a need for any of the older, delisted apps, do get in touch.


The shop is now live

less than 1 minute read

The ffem shop to purchase water and soil test kits is now live at shop.ffem.io

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New Android App

1 minute read

Launching a new Android App - ffem match, that will replace all other apps.

Redesigning ffem

1 minute read

ffem has changed a lot since its founding. As the organization evolves, it seemed time for a complete redesign of the website.

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