Testing Services

Testing services

Testing at our Bangalore Faciility

ffem will test water and soil samples at our Bangalore facility. All tests are performed using ffem’s test kit, which helps speed up the process and bring down the time. Samples need to be delivered to ffem.

A water potability test will be charged at INR 500 (plus taxes) per sample. Parameters tested are pH, Fluoride, Nitrate, Arsenic III, Copper, Aluminum, Total Iron, Chlorides, Sulphate and Coliforms. Time required for a test is 2 working days. Sample quantity is 500ml.

A test for soil NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) and pH will be charged at INR 200 (plus taxes). 500g of soil will be required for a test. Time required for results is 2 working days.

Water and soil test reports will be delivered by email.

Field Testing

ffem will conduct field testing over on your behalf using its field test kit. Prices of field testing depend on the number of parameters, number of tests, location of the sites, etc. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Research / Product development

ffem provides research and product development services in the area of environmental monitoring. The core team is experienced in turning research concepts into usable products. Pricing will depend on the prodict developed, a quote can be obtained after you contact us with your requirements.